The all-new Volvo V60 Sportswagon is finally here. Rather than talking about how great it is, we're sharing it with some folks who can really take advantage of all it has to offer. These are their adventures.


Volvo V60 + Yeager

Dog trainer Dave Skoletsky and his dog Yeager have been making a lot of noise across the country. A national champion and world record holder, Yeager has a drive that never stops. So on a snowy Tuesday, they took the V60 out to a cranberry bog in Foxboro, Massachusetts to practice some tricks. You won’t believe what these two can do. 

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V60 + Wagner

Located in beautiful Telluride, Colorado, the guys at Wagner Custom Skis are elevating the sport by making the world's finest custom components, one pair at a time, in an ultra-modern shop entirely powered by wind and sun. And if that wasn’t cool enough, the all-new Volvo V60 inspired them to make a truly one of a kind pair of skis to take on Bald Mountain. Check it out.

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V60 + Tallulah

Not only is Tallulah on Thames one of Newport, Rhode Island’s best restaurants, it’s one of the best dining experiences you’ll ever have, anywhere. Chef Jake Rojas and his wife Kelly Ann are committed to sourcing seasonal market-driven ingredients from local farms and artisans. We got hungry just thinking about his menu, so we reached out to Chef Rojas to see if he had any interest in stepping out of the kitchen and into the V60 for a day. Before we knew it, he was driving around Rhode Island with his wife to some of their favorite farms, and packing the wagon with some fresh ingredients for one of his favorite dishes. Bon Appétit.


V60 + Westerlind 

Westerlind is a New York-based boutique showcasing outdoor gear that embodies forward-thinking design, functionality and style. We love their vibe so we reached out to owner Andrea Westerlind to see if her team had any interest in taking the keys to the V60 for a weekend. Needless to say, they hit the gas and escaped to Upstate New York where they managed to squeeze in a photo shoot for their fall catalogue. 

This one was a cool surprise. When our friends at Westerlind used the V60 to escape the big city and shoot their fall catalogue, they brought bamboo fly rod maker, Jacob Palmborg. You might not think Brooklyn and fly fishing go together, but Jacob has found a way. Check it out.